Welcome to the Constellation of Kasterborous-

Hello! Nice to see you here, my name is Vammie (they/them), I am also a minor, so please be respectful of any boundaries :)

I will be using this website to store links, images, gifs, and maybe more about Doctor Who. If you're ever interested in finding doctor who sites, you're in the right place!

I'm very interested in extended media in the Doctor who universe, weird little things that get forgotten over time, queer history, and fandom history! As Doctor who has been an obsession of mine for the past six years or so, I like to mush all of those concepts into the DW universe. I especially enjoy looking through LGBTQ history through the lens of Doctor Who, though I have only recently gotten into this so theres lots more to discover!

Feel free to explore my page, if you have any interesting tidbits and obscure sites to add to my link collection please feel free to contact me via discord or tumblr! My contact information can be found at the bottom of all of my pages.

The Kasterborous system is the star system in which the Planet Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords, resides.

Hi!, its me again, haven't updated in forever bc i've just been using the links page as my own resource but HI its April 15th 2024, I think I'm going to try and redesign this site, I've forgotten a LOT about coding (I never learned much int he first place tbh) but I want to learn more and I want my site to be uniquely Me

I think it would also be insanely cool if we started a Doctor who fansite webring? remember when those existed? I don't because I didn't use the internet then but they were a super cool idea and a great way to get more people to discover new sites and build some online community! if anyone sees this lmk if you're interested! otherwise I will be working on my main site for now, but maybe sometime in the future I'll dm some people and see if we can get one going haha, i don't exactly know much about coding but this trimester of school is so easy I have infinite time!